Locksmith Security Tips

Locksmith Security Tips

FACT the majority of home and even office security breaches happen through the front door or windows. FACT burglaries or break-ins occur during the day when the occupants are most often away

. Since several security issues occur every minute it is important for everyone to learn some locksmith security tips. These are things that could help you not be one of the victims.
Don’t make it easy on those that plan on breaking in or committing a burglary.

Lock your doors and windows as well as having a security system. Still a skilled intruder can use many different tools, such as key pumping and lock picking, to sneak in and no one would know until they notice items missing or a disturbed location.
The best way to security your home, office or other location is to contact a locksmith. These individuals have been trained to provide security devices. They can come to your location and look over the area.

They will be able to do an assessment and provide suggestions on the best security measures as well as giving various locksmith security tips.
Locksmiths will provide suggestions within the customer’s budget. They will advise on the most secure devices on the market. There are locks that are designed to not be able to be key bumped, drilled or picked.

Locksmith Security Device Suggestions

There are many different security device suggestions that are provided through locksmith expertise.

  • *Window Locks

These are locks that are designed to deter a break in because it is a bother to try and open. These locks need to be different from those used on doors. Windows slide open, but there are locks to prevent them from being opened because it won’t allow the window to slide. Window locks also prevent windows from being lifted out of the frame either.

  • *Security Alarm

There are a variety of security alarms in different price ranges and needs. Full systems and partial systems are available. These systems are installed in various locations including houses, condos, apartments, residence halls, stores and townhouses.

  • *Window Film

This is designed to keep window glass in place even if destroyed. It could be shattered with a hammer or other tool, hit by flying debris in a storm, a rock hitting it or any other such damage. It is also used to keep it sealed so the glass doesn’t shatter all over the place as well as keeping the rain and wind outside. This is a security film. Another element of this is protecting the location from UV rays as well as helping save energy costs.

  • *Charlie Bars

These are used to keep glass doors from being opened by criminals. Charlie bars are seen and it is an added idea to prevent entry. It is thought they would decide it wasn’t worth their effort. They might go to a location that is easier to enter. It is placed where it prevents the door from moving to open. It locks easily and the owner can undo it easily as well from the inside.

  • *Motion Sensor Lights

A variety of motion sensor lights are available. This includes size, style and type variations. Often these are powered with solar panels. The motion sensor lights are usually put outside such as on a deck, near doors, garage, walk ways and driveway. If there is movement in the area the motion sensor light turns on and lasts as long as it is set to light up.

Many Options Locksmith

When it comes to security there are many options available. That is why is it important to get locksmith security tips. They will know what is best and know the best quality lock and security system for every security need. Locksmiths can even give suggestions on the strongest and most secure doors as well as windows. Locksmiths understand that steel and complete wooden doors are the strongest.

It is suggested to keep all the entry areas well lit at night. It will be another way of deterring unlawful entry. An option is having timer lights. These are lights that are set to turn on at a certain time every night then off at a certain time in the morning. Even if you are not home make it look like you are home by keeping a few lights on and a TV or radio playing.

Another helpful locksmith security tip is to have trees and bushes in front of bottom floor windows as long as they do not allow access to the next floor or the roof. These should be trimmed frequently. Ladders should also be stored away from the house too. Furthermore, if you need to keep an office building or apartment secure it is vital that the lobbies and all other areas are always secure. It is also important to not hide a key in a location such as under a doormat or potted plant near the door. Anyone that wants to enter the residence unlawfully will consider looking in these obvious locations.

Away from Home

If you will be travelling away from home there are some precautions to make as well when it comes to security. Stop any deliveries that could back up over time, such as the newspaper. Be sure the alarm is set up and keep the lights on a timer to turn them on and off. It is also important to ask neighbours to keep an eye on your property. Finally, you should mow the lawn before going on vacation so it doesn’t get over grown while you are away. This could attract a criminal and allow them to consider your absence as a sign to enter your residence.

Locksmith Insurance

Criminals who break into locations are talented and since they don’t show their work many of these jobs won’t be noticed. If entry isn’t noticed then the break in or burglary won’t be covered by some insurance. That means the items stolen won’t be covered or replaced. A locksmith security tip when it comes to this is to fight the decision. If needed contact legal counsel to help. It could also help your case to take pictures of anything that might be related to unlawful entry. It is important have insurance and it is your responsibility to keep records of items as well as protecting yourself.