As housing shortages bite and housing rates go up, more and more people are losing their tenancies. And

Here’s why it helps to have a locksmith at hand

Here’s why it helps to have a locksmith at hand

this has resulted in a flood of evictions as well as unlawful squatters. If you are a property owner, having tenants squatting on your property or dealing with tenants who can no longer pay their rent can be a long-drawn nightmare. If you do eventually get a court-mandated eviction order, it is imperative that you have a locksmith in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles County with you to help you reclaim your property. And this is why.

Gaining main door entry/access

A locksmith will help you gain access into your property during an eviction. Most likely, the existing tenants or squatters will have locked the premises and may be away or inside hiding. Either way, if they do not give up access to you, your eviction order may allow you to enter forcefully. This is where the locksmith comes in. They will open the locks in a professional manner without damaging your doors and give you entry back into your property.

Opening locked safes

It’s not just doors that need to be opened during a forceful eviction. If your property has a safe, you will need to access it and give the tenant in question the contents which belong to them. Just as with the doors, if the said tenants or squatters are away or have refused to cooperate, your locksmith can carefully open the safe(s) and retrieve their contents without damaging the locks or keys.

Replacing tenant locks with your own

Once the eviction is underway, one of the first things you will need to do in order to legally re-possess the property is change the locks. This signifies that you now have control over the property and it locks the tenants or squatters out so that they can’t come back inside. Your locksmith will easily change the door locks for you. They can also change the garage door locks if you need those changed as well.

Ensuring your locks are tamper-proof

Once squatters have identified a property as being vacant/unused, they tend to try and gain entry into it, even after being evicted. Having a locksmith around is handy because you can instruct them to install tamper-proof locks that will deter entry much better than standard locks. They can install deadbolt locks or keyless entry systems that are harder to access illegally.

Duplicating keys for new tenants/property managers

Once you have evicted your previous tenants and changed the locks to your property, the other thing you should do is create copies of keys. You may need these copies, not just for back-up in case of loss, but also for issuing to new tenants, your attorney, your real estate agent or maybe your property manager(s).

Installing CCTV for security monitoring

You may also need to install CCTV systems in and outside your property, especially if there is risk of squatters in the neighborhood. The CCTV system will allow you to remotely monitor your property. This way you’ll be able to respond quickly should any other squatters try to take over the space. CCTV cameras can also reduce chances of the property being burglarized just by deterrence alone.

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