Bought a new home – Who else has keys?

House moving is stressful at the best of times, and it often gets overlooked, that when you move in you should have the locks checked, or changed to ensure that you are safe in your new home. Most people never consider that the previous owner might have forgotten about keys that were lost, lent to a contractor, the neighbor has one for emergencies, a spare key left under a rock, in a hidden place in the garage, under the wheelbase of their car. You are handed a bunch of keys and assume that that is all of the keys for your lock. This can prove to be a costly assumption, and by the time you find out it could be too late, you come home and find all your furniture and valuables gone. Apart from the stress of your move it could be a tremendous shock to the system. Statistics show that more burglaries occur in the first 12 months of people moving into their new home.

What happens if I dont change my locks

Its so easy to forget changing the locks when you move into a new home. In a good percentage of homes sold there are spare keys floating around. The sellers of a house, business or vehicle usually forget that they have given someone else a key. Keeping track of spare keys is not always a priority for many people.

Do it yourself or call a locksmith

When you move into a new home, it is wise to check your security arrangements. This can be done by checking the following:

  • The state of the locks – check if they are old and worn or relatively new and in good condition
  • Check if they are the type of lock that can be rekeyed or the cylinder changed – if you not sure call a locksmith such as Allover Locksmith for a free assessment and quote.
  • Check the windows and how secure they are
  • If you have a patio door, check how secure that is, also check the type of glass the patio door is made of – is it strengthened glass that cant be broken or just ordinary glass that just needs a tap on it to break
  • Garage door openings are often overlooked, many of them have a code that can be reprogrammed, if you are not sure call a locksmith.
  • Gate and gate entry systems

Additional security – you can call Allover Locksmith, a technician will come out by appointment, do a thorough assessment, issue a no obligation quote. What have you got to lose to find out what is best to secure your home and family.

Community locksmiths

Allover Locksmith offers a comprehensive service to the community, they are able to deal with any locksmith situation, including emergencies day and night. Their locksmiths are all licensed, bonded and insured. Your safety comes first, they don’t compromise on your security, and this could save you and your families life, help you retain your possessions and not have to face the violation of being burglarized. Call Allover locksmith today.