Key Bumping, Key Picking Explained Locksmiths have many tools of the trade. There are many techniques they use to help customers when they need to get back inside their home, office or vehicle. We want our locksmith to have the skills to help, but don’t want criminals to have these techniques.
Every lock needs its own key. Yet, what can you do if you lose your key, break your key or lock your key inside? Locksmiths have the tools to help you get back inside. They also have all the knowledge and experience to use the tools of the trade. Locksmiths have been specially trained and certified to work with locks. Anyway, you may have heard the terms key bumping and key picking. Yet, you may not know much about these and would like them explained.

Key Bumping

You want a locksmith with the tools to help you when you need them. Keys have a certain design that will open their lock. If that key isn’t used the lock won’t open. One easy unlock technique is key bumping. This is when a locksmith inserts a lock pick gun into a keyhole. The lock pick gun is often electric and vibrates to turn the lock until it unlocks. This is done when all the pins line up perfectly to open the lock.

*Another option is the snapper pick which is used manually once inserted into the keyhole. The locksmith will push the trigger allowing the pick to move and align the pins to unlock the lock.

*Furthermore, there are bump keys. Locksmiths don’t use these as often because they are inconvenient. Yet, if they need them they have them. The bump key is inserted into the keyhole then the locksmith wiggles the bump key. There are a variety of bump key sizes to fit any lock. It is essentially a blank key usually. The locksmith must determine how far the key should be inserted because of the different types of locks.

When it comes to key bumping locksmiths have perfected their skills because they have so much experience. A veteran locksmith often sees a lock and knows exactly what is needed and what to do. It takes them no time at all to unlock the lock and they can handle it without damaging the lock.

Working with a locksmith means you don’t have to worry about unlocking your home or car if you lock your keys inside. It also means you don’t have to practice the skills and risk harming the lock when you call a locksmith.

Key Picking

Then there is key picking, which is not just a technique used by someone sneaking into a residence or a home owner desperate to get inside again. Locksmiths have been trained in this skill. When a locksmith picks a lock it is not illegal it is part of their job. They are helping you get back into your property. The skill they use is pretty much the same as what criminals use to illegally enter a location. A big difference is a locksmith isn’t set out to rob you and they are skilled to not harm the lock.

Having an understanding of all locks helps when someone needs to pick a lock or when key picking. One way to accomplish manual key picking is to have the right tools including a tension wrench also known as a torque wrench and a pick. The wrench helps put pressure on the lock mechanism while the locksmith works to open the lock. Each pin of the lock is worked open individually until the lock opens.

Key bumping or key picking can both take some time to find the right fit to unlock the lock. Having patience is part of the process as well. It also depends on what type lock it is because modern locks work differently. Locks are changing to help prevent break-ins. An example is digital locks that are tricky to sneak open. Key picking or key bumping doesn’t work with digital and keyless locks because they don’t have the same keyhole and working mechanisms. It can also be difficult if a key has broken off in the key hole. That means calling a skilled locksmith with the knowledge to do the job right.

Finding the Right Fit Locksmith

It is great to know that skilled locksmiths will take little time and effort to handle these techniques and use the tools of the trade. Nevertheless, we don’t want criminals or someone wanting to enter your property illegally to have the same tools or skills. Finding a certified, trustworthy, insured and bonded locksmith is important and having their number allows you to contact them for any locksmith need.

A locksmith does much more than key bumping and key picking. Even though these are very important and sought after skills for them. They install locks, provide lock maintenance services and work with security systems as well. Call a locksmith to help with any locksmithing need. Whatever the locksmith job that needs handled they have learned the skills to accomplish it. Then as they continue to do the jobs they become more and more experienced.

Skilled locksmiths can also use a variety of techniques to unlock a lock. This is vital to make sure the lock is opened. They won’t give up and use a key bumping and key picking depending on what will work. They move to a different technique if the lock is just not opening. Locksmiths are experts when it comes to every technique possible to open a lock such as a traditional padlock. They even applying skills and techniques to modern locks that have been locks designed to not be picked to help prevent unlawful entry. Easy to open locks are more attractive to criminals. You can keep criminals out of your home or office, but it can be difficult for you to key pick or key pump the lock. That’s where the locksmith can help. They use their own skills they have learned referred to these types of locks as well as their trade tools. It is important to get back inside when you are locked out and locksmiths understand. It is also important to find a way to keep anyone that doesn’t belong to stay out while having an option to help you inside your property.