Inexpensive ways improving your home’s security

home security

home security

The most effective way of course is to lock your home when you go out.  It is an elementary procedure, but one that many of us take for granted and tend to forget.

Keep small expensive items out of sight from the window. The burglar may not be able to see them, and thus would not be tempted to enter.

Put good locks on the windows as well as doors. Windows are often neglected parts of our homes and not adequately secured.

Do not leave a spare key hidden somewhere outside. This is a favorite trick of most people and burglars also know exactly where to look. Give the key to a trusted neighbour, it will be far safer.

Leave one or two lights on when you leave town. Do not leave mail or newspapers on the porch, this is a sure sign that no one is at home.

Put a Beware of Dog notice outside even if you do not have dog. The thief does not know that and he will think twice before he comes there.

Keep all the bushes around your home trimmed and cut. Keep your garage doors locked even if your car is not inside the garage.