Digital locks



Perhaps you’ve heard the term digital locks before, but don’t fully understand what it is or how it can help you feel safe and secure. Hampstead & Highgate Locksmiths has an in-depth knowledge of this type of lock, so if you choose to use it, you know that it will be properly installed for maximum security.

We provide you with the option of many different types of access control devices, including the highly popular mechanical digital lock. We supply and install them wherever and whenever you need them. If you’re considering this type of lock, but don’t fully know what it is or how it can benefit you, please continue reading.

Advantages of digital locks

The digital lock is known in the industry by a variety of different names including digi lock, push button lock or code-lock. There’s nothing especially complicated with the idea behind this type of lock. A digital lock, also sometimes called a mechanical digital lock, is simply a locking device that doesn’t use keys. For this reason, it’s also sometimes called a keyless lock.

It works with the use of a simple code. The code is entered onto a keypad to activate or deactivate the locking mechanism in the locking device. The code is a series of digits. A digital lock has a digital part and a mechanical part. The digital part is the keypad. The mechanical part is the lock itself that uses no batteries or electrical power to activate or deactivate. It works simply because of moving part technology.

True locksmiths know that this type of lock isn’t a lock in the truest sense of the world. This type of lock with hold shut a door but won’t provide the same high level of security as a mortice lock. This type of lock is more often used as a way to provide some access control to an area. It makes it more difficult for a person you don’t want to have access to a room gain it. However, a digital lock should not be used if you’re looking for maximum security.