Biometrical readers



Biometric technology products are one of the newest and possibly most complex types of modern digital security options. This type of technology includes a comprehensive list of products including the ability to scan tongues, hand or fingerprint veins, palm prints, facial, iris or retinal scans, fingerprint scans and handwriting and keystroke dynamics.  Biometric reader technology is so advanced that it’s even possible to scan the way a person walks (that is, their gait) or even body odor.

Even though there are so many different options as far as biometric readers are concerned, experts in the field of security say that the most effective biometric technology is the type that uses fingerprints. It’s cost effective and most reliable as repeated testing has proven.

Finding biometric readers

The home security store carries the latest fingerprint technology so you can get ahead of potential intruders with the most recent biometric reader selection that constantly changes, even just slightly, to make it more and more secure. Using a biometric reader is simple so all of your employees will have no difficulty using it. It contains sensors that scan a fingerprint to identify its specific mapping.

The fingerprints of those with clearance is already pre-programmed into the computer using a complex mix of computer algorithms and stored in a database. When the fingerprint is scanned, the computer accesses this database within seconds. If the scanned fingerprint is from a pre-authorized person, then the door opens.

Employees and staff won’t ever be required to carry a key or a key card. They won’t have to remember a number sequence. Not only are biometric readers more convenient, but they are also more secure. Fingerprints are all unique and it’s nearly impossible to duplicate one so access by those not authorized is highly difficult. Keys, key cards and number sequences can be passed around or easily stolen.