When you call a locksmith you will often be standing outside in the cold, perhaps in the rain, and be unable to get inside to do anything of use.

This can be particularly annoying if you are late for an appointment, or if you had a nice relaxing evening planned. Furthermore, the fact that you need to be around to help the locksmiths to work on your door means that you can’t go off shopping or to visit a friend even if you could get there.

So what do you do while waiting for locksmiths to arrive? Well the first thing to do is to make sure that you are safe and warm and dry. If it’s late at night, cold and wet then you shouldn’t stay standing outside. Instead, hopefully you will still have your car keys and should be able to get inside your vehicle to keep warm and dry.

Failing this you should call a friend who can pick you up and wait with you in the car. If you’ve happened to be highly unfortunate and have locked your phone in the house too, then you will have no option but to go round to a neighbour’s house.

Hopefully from there you can either use their phone, or hopefully stay and watch your home for locksmiths arriving from this vantage point. Staying warm and dry is your number one priority so don’t be shy to knock; and if you have a good locksmith service then they should arrive fairly promptly to let you in so that you’re not putting your neighbours out of their way too much.

If none of these options are available to you perhaps your neighbours are out and you have no car keys for example then you should just do your best to find shelter outdoors. This might mean huddling underneath a tree, or it might mean leaning against a wall as a wind breaker. Of course in some situations you will be locked outside during the day and during better weather so in these cases you can simply sit outside and enjoy the weather.

The key here is then to try and enjoy the opportunity to relax that’s been forced upon you.

Of course you are unlikely to have anything by way of entertainment, but if you simply spend the time stressing about missing your appointments or your favourite TV show this will simply make the experience more unpleasant and won’t speed up the process at all.

Instead, try to lean back and enjoy the opportunity not to do anything. If you are outside in the sun then lie back on the grass and close your eyes. Of course you should avoid falling asleep however which might be relaxing a little too much as this way you would be likely to miss the locksmiths when they did arrive which would mean going through the process again.

If you have your phone then you can use this time productively to catch up on your correspondence and talk to some friends. If you don’t and you have managed to contact your locksmith in another way, then you can use the time to make plans, to think about ways to solve problems in your life, or just to enjoy a bit of free time.

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