You have just come out of your car, locked it and realized the keys are still inside! Don’t panic, this



is a very common occurrence, and at some point of our lives all of us do this, and the solutions to this problem are fairly simple.

Try the coat hanger trick first. Open up a coat hanger, and then make a hook with one end. Slide this hook between the door and it’s moulding.

Move it around gently until you feel it touch some part inside. This is most probably the door latch. Hook the hanger below it and gently pull it up. This normally does the trick in most old cars.

If there is any window that has been left slightly open, then slide the coat hanger inside and press the window latch or door latch with it. All this must be done gently and carefully so that you do not spoil the delicate mechanism.

Most new cars are locked with the help of the car key buttons. So it is not easy to lock them with the keys still inside. But if you leave the car running and step out for a few minutes, then the car will automatically lock itself. Then you will be able to open it only with duplicate keys or with the help of a locksmith