Going on a holiday? Make sure that your home is secure

We spend so much time planning for our holidays where are we going, what are we going to carry,  how are we going

home security during vacation

home security during vacation

to spend our time, that we overlook one essential preparation.

We forget to make sure that our home is secure while we are away, and that we do not leave an open invitation for burglars.

Just follow a few steps and you will be able to prevent burglars from entering.

  • Cancel all deliveries such as milk and newspapers. Ask your neighbour or doorman to collect all your mail.
  • Do not draw all your curtains. Drawn curtains during the daytime are a clear signal that no one is home.
  • Leave a light on inside. Or install timed switches which will put one or two lights on in the evening.
  • Make sure that your home insurance is up to date.
  • Before you leave the home check every door and window to see that they have been closed correctly. Check the garage and basement also. Do not leave any ladders lying outside, nor any garden tools.

Inform your local police that you are going to be out for a certain length of time. They will inspect your home periodically.

Make sure that someone has your complete itinerary and phone numbers whereby you can be contacted