Garage doors

Garage doors

Welcome to All-Over Locksmith and Garage Doors service. We have been in business of protecting your family and possessions for over 6 years and consider it our duty to it. Whether it is opening or installing locks or ensuring that all aspects of your garage doors work properly, all that you need to do is call us.

Garage door issues

If you find that your garage door malfunctioned, it might have been difficult to open and close it lately. We understand your predicament because a malfunctioning garage door can be tiresome and that is why you need to call in the best garage door track repair service. At our company, Allover-Locksmith and Garage Doors, we understand all aspects of the garage door and know that track repairs are one of the most essential requirements for homeowners.

Need for track repairs

Most of the time, tracks are bent and that affects the opening and closure of the doors. With result, the bent tracks damage the brackets on the wall. Whether the racks bent due to a car hitting the doors or due to any other reason, the fact remains that you will need to get it repaired. The tracks used in garage doors are of two parts. The vertical tracks are installed next to the door and the horizontal ones are along the ceiling and floor. Additionally, there are heavy duty tracks that need to be replaced if they get damaged.

We not only repair tracks, but look at the garage door as one-piece of machinery that has to function smoothly. Some of the additional services that are offered at the most cost-effective prices include:

  • Garage door repair/replacement
  • Garage door openers
  • Torsion spring replacement
  • Off track/sagging doors repair
  • Opener re-coding/replacements

In case, the damage is high and the garage door has to be removed and replaced, we offer hauling services in addition to installation of a new door.

Extensive piece of machinery

Irrespective of the issues that you are facing with your garage door, it is imperative to call in our company technicians as each garage door has over 300 components and it can get very difficult to try and repair the racks or replace the seals on your own. Not only are these doors super heavy but it can be extremely risky to unhinge the door on your own. That is why it is important to work with garage door track repair technicians from Allover-Locksmith and Garage Doors.

Apart from broken track springs, it is a possibility that the door spring has broken or the seals have come apart. In electronic garage doors, malfunctioning sensors have a role to play in damaging the doors. Thus, unless you allow our company professionals to diagnose the problem, it can be difficult to have a smooth functioning door.

Why work with us?

To ensure top notch services, Allover-Locksmith and Garage Doors only employ the best technicians in the industry. This includes only hiring bonded, licensed and trained specialists that have years of experience in the industry. To accommodate your needs, we are available 24/7 and schedule appointments over the weekends apart from regular days. If you thought that the professional charge a lot, you might be in for a surprise as we are known to be one of the most affordable track repair service in the city. Do you need a free quote? Call Allover-Locksmith and Garage Doors today!