In order to make your home burglar proof and totally secure, you need to take some basic precautions.

Think Like A Burglar

Think Like A Burglar

But in order to make sure that your home is really secure and to check it’s level of security, you need to think like a burglar and then walk around the house checking all your security arrangements.

As the first step, walk around your yard or garden during the day and at night. Make sure that there are no dark bushes where someone can hide.

Put a light in that region, or cut down the bushes which may become hiding places.

Check the windows and doors from the outside. Are you able to open them easily, or able to break the glass easily? The install grills or an alarm system around the house.

Walk around the basement areas. The windows into the basement are often entry points for thieves, since they are usually not very secure. If you do not plan to open them, then seal the windows shut.

In your closets or cupboards where you keep your valuables, make sure that they are inside a safe wherever possible. A safe takes longer to open and often is a deterrent for a thief in a hurry.