With these fancy new car locks, occasionally we have stepped out of the car, left it running since



we are hoping to be outside only for a few seconds. Then we can hear the ominous sound of the car locking system clicking into place. You are stranded, and the nearest locksmith will take at least 20 minutes to get there.

There is a simple trick that occasionally works. Try it before you call the emergency locksmith.

Call someone at home and ask them to locate the duplicate keys of your car in your home.

Ask them to call you back on your cell phone.

Place the phone near the car and ask the person at home to press the unlock button near their phone receiver. The sound should carry clearly across the two phones.

If you are lucky this will unlock the car. It has worked on many occasions and is an oft used trick.

However if this fails, do not try any other methods apart from making a call to an emergency locksmith. Inform him about the make and model of your car and very soon he will come and open your doors and you can resume your journey.