Life is unpredictable. Your child may be playing drive inside your car when they accidentally lock themselves inside. In another instance, you could be caught up in so many activities that you accidentally lock your child inside the car. Here is what to do in either scenario.

Call 911.

Call the police immediately you notice you cannot access the car. This may seem a little too obvious, but many parents hesitate to call 911 out of fear of being judged, fear of facing criminal charges, or fear of being investigated by Child Services, Columbus Moms say. However, your child’s wellbeing should take a back seat to everything else. The 911 operator is obligated to immediately dispatch fire personnel and police officers to your location. You can explain everything once your child is out of danger.

Call an emergency locksmith

An emergency locksmith is always alert to address cases of a child locked inside a car. In fact, an emergency locksmith might get to your location even before the police do and unlock your car within minutes. At All Over Locksmith, we run a 24-hour call center which allows you to access a locksmith in Sherman Oaks CA at any time of the day or night.

Cover the windows

The temperature inside a car rises fast. In hot weather, the interior of the car can heat up to 1250F within the first 15 minutes. Children overheat up to 3 times faster than an adult, which poses the risk of heatstroke. If you have access to blankets or other heavy material, cover all windows to slow down the sun rays from heating the car up.

Break the window

If the child is showing signs of overheating such as disorientation, unresponsiveness, or fast breathing, break the window furthest from them. Pieces of broken glass could reach the baby, so make this your last resort.