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Studio City Locksmith

Studio City Locksmith

The best aspect of hiring the services of Studio City Locksmiths is that we have a range of locking system in our stock at all times. So if you are looking for a special lock, we’ll have it for you. And we work with a host of locking systems right from the standard burglar alarms to hi-end security systems. Different styled deadbolts, colors and variety of locks and locking systems ensure that you can get what you want. We also have special security devices that may use a special key cars and even fingerprints.  Our response time is within 15 minutes of receiving your call and fully equipped team will be there to ensure your locksmith needs are fulfilled.

It doesn’t have to be a complete hassle when searching for a professional Studio City locksmith company.  In a way, it is almost effortless.

When you’re locked out of your house or car, all you have to do is give us a call and we will send out our skilled locksmith to unlock your doors a.s.a.p. If for some reason you do not have direct access to our locksmith company, simply contact 411 and ask to be connected to a Studio City locksmith company.

What to Look Out for When Searching of a Studio City Locksmith


Here are a few things you will want to look out for before making your final decision on a locksmith company in Studio City, CA.

  • We suggest asking for the first two to three companies just in case you’re not able to get through to a locksmith right away.
  • When asking for a quote, make sure you confirm whether or not there will be any other fees involved. It can be frustrating to find out there are additional cost involved after your doors are unlocked.
  • An honest locksmith will be direct with you and let you know up front if there will be any additional costs involved.
  • Make sure you confirm the locksmith company is licensed to perform locksmith services. This is important,
    Studio City Locksmith

    Studio City Locksmith

    especially if something damage is done to your property. If your property is damaged, your insurance claim can be denied by your insurance provider if you seek services from an unlicensed locksmith company.

Quality Residential Locksmith Services

For homeowners, we provide the following locksmith services:

  •   Master system
  •   Mail box
  •   High security locks installed
  •   Dead bolt
  •   Door lock repair
  •   Home safe repair
  •   Locks rekey
  •   New locks installed
  •   Intercom systems installed

Commercial Locksmith Services


Securing your office building, warehouse, apartment complex and other business entity is vital. When you hire a professional locksmith company like All-Over Lock & Key, we will provide your company with sturdy security locks that will help protect your company from break-ins and theft. Here are the additional locksmith services that we currently offer our clients:

  • Access Control Systems
  • Locks Re-Keyed for your Business
  • Intercom System Wired & Installed
  • Master Keying Systems built
  • Deadbolts Fresh Installation
  • Panic Bars Installation
  • Alarm Lock Detax Boxes
  • Door Closers, Hinges, Repair and Replace
  • File Cabinet make keys for all cabinets.
  • Key-less Lock Systems, Finger Print Locks
  • Camera System Installation
  • Commercial Levers Entry, Storeroom Function and many more

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