Which locks are best for rekeying

Cylinders Replaced In Your Los Angeles Home

Cylinders Replaced In Your Los Angeles Home

Cylinder locks are locks of choice for a locksmith to rekey, the locks are constructed with a cylinder which can be removed from the lock and changed or rekeyed.

There are different types of locks such as the pin tumbler lock, the disc tumbler lock and the wafer tumbler lock to name just a few.

Advantages of a cylinder lock

The major advantage of cylinder locks is that the cylinder can be changed without any change to the boltwork hardware. It is quite easy to change the cylinder, removal of the right screw and the cylinder will slide out of the boltwork.

Another advantage there are cylinders obtainable from different manufacturers that have different formats but only use a single type of key. This means that a home or business can have a master-keyed system that includes a large variety of different types of locks, for example: deadbolts, night-latches and roller door locks, padlocks can be included even though they don’t usually have a cylinder.

There are standardized cylinder locks that include, rim (nightlatch) locks, key-in-knobset cylinders, ingersoll format cylinders, Scandinavian and American round mortise cylinders and the Scandinavian oval cylinders.

The versitility of the cylinder type of lock

  • The cruciform pin tumbler lock could use interchangeable types of cylinders, you will also find lever locks that have the same options.
  • The KD or individually keyed system this means that each cylinder can be opened using its unique key.
  • The KA or keyed alike gives homes or businesses to be able to operate different cylinder locks with one single key this saves carrying bunches of keys for many locks. Only one key to replace if it gets lost instead of having to call out a locks to make keys for several locks. Or the replacement of all the locks – an expensive option.
  • Cylinders Replaced In Your Los Angeles Home

    Cylinders Replaced In Your Los Angeles Home

    The MK or master-key system means that each locks will still have its own individual key that can only open the individual lock and no other, but a landlord for instance could have a master key which will open all the locks.

  • The GMK or grand master key system is a step up from the master-key system, this can be used in a large hotel type of environment, one grand-master-key that fits every lock in the hotel, then rooms can be separated into groups, for instance one floor can be a group with individual keys as well as a master-key which allows the chambermaid to be able to clean all the rooms on one floor. They can also be used in large businesses and corporations.
  • The CES or common entrance suite/mason keying system this can in apartment blocks, hotels and office blocks, how this works is there is one key for the individual apartment which cannot open other apartment doors, but it can open the communal entrance and also service areas such as the laundry room. This is usually combined with the master-key system which is kept by a landlord.

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