At All Over Locksmith in Los Angeles, we provide top-notch, affordable locksmithing services to local residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles, CA. We have been protecting commercial properties for decades, and provide high-quality specialist commercial locksmith services near you, ensuring protection for you and your property at all times. 

Has your business fallen victim to a forced entry? Are you looking for a reliable commercial locksmith near you? We offer a rapid response service in the event of an emergency, and we will replace or repair any broken locks to ensure that your property is secure after any unfortunate incident.

Our services also include CCTV camera systems installations and upgrades, access to control panels, and safe lock repairs, all of which will provide you with an added level of security for your commercial business property and on-site staff.

Do you need a new key for a new employee? Does your business need to fix a damaged garage door and lock, or would you like to upgrade your security system? Whatever your need, we would love to help you!

Los Angeles Locksmith

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Our Commercial Locksmith Services:

  • 24/7 Emergency & Fast Service
  • Locks Rekeyed For Your Business
  • Master Keying Systems Built
  • Deadbolts Fresh Installation
  • Commercial Levers (Entry, Storeroom Function and many more)
  • Panic Bars Installation
  • Alarm Lock – Detax Boxes
  • Door Closers, Hinges, Repair and Replacements
  • Crafting of File Cabinet Keys
  • Keyless Lock Systems, Fingerprint Locks
  • Access Control Systems and Intercom Systems Wired & Installed
  • Camera Systems Wired & Installed
  • Safes Opening, Repairing & Installation
  • Key Pads

If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy commercial locksmith services in Los Angeles, look no further! Call our 24-hour, specialized locksmithing team at All Over Locksmith & Garage Doors.

No matter where you are in Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley, or Ventura County, you can rest assured that you will receive a specialist service that meets all of your requirements. Get in touch with us for more information.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Los Angeles

Not only do your business locks need to be secure, but they also need to be efficient. You may be required to install a master lock system.

It’s also likely that your business will need an emergency exit service.  We can provide that, meeting fire code and other city standards in the Los Angeles region.

From hydraulic locks to high traffic locks, master keys, to fire escape devices, we can provide it all for your business. Commercial locks can be the trickiest locks to install, but not when performed by our experts at All Over Locksmiths & Garage Doors in Los Angeles.

We are confident that our services will be able to make your businesses more secure, all while being very convenient and efficient. After all, lost time is lost money when it comes to the business world.

From the standard office lock procedures to top security protocol locks, we can do it all. Call us today to discover the services we can provide your business. We’ll be happy to sit down with you and talk about the services we can provide to your business to secure your offices.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business with our commercial locksmith services in Los Angeles. We service the Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Ventura County areas.

Anytime you lose or misplace your keys, it is a frustrating and uncomfortable experience, especially when those keys are needed to open up or lock up your place of business. In other instances, keys get broken while unlocking, or locks get jammed. These situations at commercial establishments can be frustrating.

Using proper bonded and legal locksmith services in Los Angeles for commercial locksmith requirements is no longer a problem.

Available 24/7

As a business owner, you can’t afford this type of inconvenience so having a commercial locksmith at your disposal is of benefit for you. Here are the primary benefits of having a commercial locksmith available whenever you need one.

When you are dealing with an experienced, professionally trained staff or locksmiths who are available on call, you know that your issues will be solved quickly and affordably on a 24/7/365 basis, including holidays and weekends.





Licensed and Bonded Los Angeles Locksmiths

At All Over Locksmith & Garage Doors, we guarantee our work and carry liability insurance in case of any damage that occurs while we perform our jobs at your place of business.

Our commercial locksmith technicians in Los Angeles can handle all types of storefront security issues involving glass or metal doors.  Additionally, we can effectively help with security hardware that many businesses use — such as access control systems, emergency or panic exit devices, rear door security applications, and much more.

We can also handle all of your residential lock and security needs, as well as any locksmith services for your garage doors. The right locksmith can take care of problems involving your home, garage, and office, and can respond on an emergency basis around the clock.

Other Locksmith Services and Free Quotes

Other services that a commercial locksmith can provide for you include commercial safes, desk locks, file cabinet locks, and secure key cabinets. Anything you need in your place of business secured with limited access, chances are that our commercial locksmith has the capabilities, devices, and tools to help you accomplish this.

The bottom line is that you always want to use a professional commercial locksmith for problems of this nature, so you know that the job is done correctly. From changing security locks to helping unlock commercial establishments, if keys are lost or broken, we provide all services.

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Please contact us today for a free quote for your security and commercial locksmith needs in Los Angeles and nearby counties. We offer a free, no-obligation service and will provide you with an estimate for your locking/unlocking requirements.