Building Intercoms

Video Entry

Video Entry

Building intercoms are important for your peace of mind and your tenants’ peace of mind. In fact, many tenants won’t choose to live in an apartment if it doesn’t have this type of security system. It’s important for apartment dwellers to have control over the visitors that enter their homes. Building intercoms go a long way towards providing this type of security. This type of security systems allow tenants to pre-screen potential visitors before letting them in.

This reduces the chance of unwanted people — potential criminals, dangerous offenders, thieves and other undesirables from gaining access to building and the individual apartments inside the building. A building intercom makes the tenants less vulnerable and they’ll appreciate this added security that makes them feel safer about their personal safety and the security of their valuables.

Safety and security in LA requires high quality building intercoms

Like many products, a building intercom is only as good as the product itself and the way the product was installed. This is why it’s so important to make sure you carefully think about the locksmith you choose to do this job. Los Angeles locksmith is an excellent choice for all your locksmith needs including intercom systems for apartment buildings. We have a variety of systems available in a variety of prices.

We tend to promote our better quality ones because we don’t think you should settle for less than best. You might even be pleasantly surprised at the price. But we also have lower cost LA building intercoms available and are happy to provide you with whatever you need. If you’re not sure what type of system you would like, let our skilled technicians know your needs and budget. We’ll work with you to find the system that meets your particular needs and budget.

The more expensive building intercoms have video viewing. This allows the tenant in the apartment see the person at the main door from a video panel. This is an excellent option since sometimes the verbal intercoms don’t transmit voices as clearly as they could making it difficult to distinguish voices. Video viewing allows your tenant to confirm that the person at the main door is actually who they say they are.