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91403 LocksmithsThe purpose of having a safe is to keep your valuables, cash and any weapons away from thieves and even from people in your house. Having spare keys lying around or with neighbors is often dangerous, defeating the purpose of having the safe in the first place and therefore breaking or misplacing the key can have disastrous effects. While getting into your safe may not be an emergency such as being locked out of your home, it can be difficult to remedy the situation.

Sherman Oaks Locksmiths open safes safely

Smaller safes can be brought into our offices at All Over Locksmiths in Sherman Oaks while for larger safes it is necessary for us to come to you. Safes are designed to be impossible to break into and it is still a huge task even for us, taking as long as 3 hours of grinding to break a hole in the safe’s door.

  • Keep a spare in the lining of your handbag
  • Safeguard your safe key on a chain around your neck

Save yourself time, money and inconvenience, we are just a call away.