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91302 Locksmith Calabasas

91302 Locksmith Calabasas

91302 Locksmith Calabasas can help you choose the access control system for your business.  There are different types of systems, a stand alone, managed or PC Connection.  Our locksmiths can help you make the decision on which will be suitable for you operation.

What to check before choosing an access control system in Calabasas

  • How many employees do I have
  • How many doors need to be controlled
  • Type of doors you have, are they metal, glass or wood
  • Type of security level needed
  • The type of access control system needed
  • Budget constraints will also determine the system you can afford

The Stand Alone System

This is the simplest system, it does not need a PC or network connection. You can use a pin code, a key fob, card holders. fingerprints or proximity card.

The PC Connection

Larger facilities such as warehouses, industrial building, hospitals, airports, etc when control is needed to keep track on all the doors, this can be controlled using a PC network control is at a central point or by timed devices. All employees are monitored and reports generated of their access activities, with timing and date stamped.

Your business is important and good security needs to be addressed contact 91302 Locksmith Calabasas today for a free quotation.